I'm very excited that many Etsy sellers responded to my post in the Forum! I would like to give everyone the opportunity to be featured and help them get some exposure. As I have posted before, I will be featuring 2 to 3 sellers a day until February 14. Although, I am doing a Valentine special, items that are not Valentine related will still be highlighted--of course!--under the Etsyland posts. Valentine related items will be posted in 14 days of Love. Valentine related or not, it is still nice to see some really cool items from very talented sellers.

Since I live near high schools and colleges, I will be printing flyers with everyone's shop name and a photo of their item. I will post these around my neighborhood and hopefully you guys will get some sale (crossing fingers!).

This morning's featured shops are barretzz, potatopatch and imnotspoileddesigns. You will find some excellent apparel for your youngsters in their shops.

These are a snippet of goodies from imnotspoileddesigns' shop.

Adorable little shoes for your teeny tiny toes from barretzz's shop! Wish my feet were small enough to fit in these!

And last but not least, potatopatch. Can you believe that these shirts were stamped using potatoes?!

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2 Responses
  1. Potatopatch Says:

    Thanks for adding my shop to your blog. I really enjoyed reading your articles. Will continue to follow.

  2. Thank you for visiting Potatopatch and I hope to see you here more often!