That is the question!

Last night when I was crossing the street on my way home I saw something on the ground. Several cars passed by and ran over it. So, I waited till the coast was clear before checking it out. I don't usually pick up things but I wanted to see what it was. I looked down and it was someone's wallet! I kicked it to the side before picking it up acting nonchalant as to not attract any attention even though there was practically nobody around and it was dark. But living in NYC makes one kinda wary of their surroundings (especially with someone else's wallet on my hands!).

I opened the wallet to find the person's ID and boy did I find more than I should know! I'm not going into too much details but I now know her blood type. ^_^ I also found lots of moolah. I found money on the ground before but not in wallet. So, I just kept them. But this one had an owner. Part of me said, "Yay!Keep the money and just leave the wallet here. Free money! I can buy tons of stuff with this!" but of course the goody-two-shoes in me won. I just placed myself in her shoes and I know I would go crazy if I lost my wallet with lots of money and very important information in it. Besides, do a good deed and it'll return to you tenfold. Anyway, even if I kept the money to buy, say, lots of chocolates....I'd be eating that box of chocolate knowing I bought it with someone else's money.

Since I couldn't find her telephone number in the directory, I decided to just go to her apartment after work since it's just a few blocks from my house. But alas, nobody was home. So, I just left my info with the doorman.

INTERMISSION: While typing this post my phone rang and guess who it was? The owner of the wallet! Be back in a few minutes!

Ok, it 7:39 and I just came back from meeting the owner. Just as I thought she was going crazy looking for it! She was so relieved that I found her wallet because she withdrew a lot of $! She told me that she was in a rush to meet friends to watch the Superbowl and she didn't even know that it fell out of her bag 'till this morning! She was very thankful that I found her wallet AND that all her money were still in there. She offered to give me a reward but I didn't take anything. That would be kinda greedy, no? Anyway, I told her I don't ask for anything in return except for her to return the same kindness next time she finds someone who needs help. And she promised to do it.

In conclusion, I'm very happy that I did the right thing. So, to keep or not to keep?---when finding someone else's wallet there shouldn't even be a question--just return it. (I guess if there was no name or anything you can keep it ^_^). But will she keep her promise? I hope so.
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